Yggdrassil we are a young band from the city of Zaragoza. Since 2013 we have been practicing our Viking / Death melodic metal around the whole Iberian peninsula.

We started on 2012 playing covers of great bands, but quikly we decided to leave aside the covers and dedicate ourselves to compose songs of our own. Thus Yggdrassil is born. We all like Death Metal. Adding this to that we are fans of the Viking mythology, that's the reason why we decided to combine these genres (and yes, we know that we are not the first ones doing that)

In 2013 we began to take the rehearsals seriously and for the next year, we entered to the studios inguz from Zaragoza to record our first EP One Step Closer To Valhalla. LP that made us known all over the world and received very good acceptance and criticism from the fans.

In the year 2015 the band underwent a change of formation and Juan Campayo came like new bassist of the band. With our new formation we realized several concerts over Spain and we met very good bands such as Drakum, Incursed or Heid and we made great friendships throughout the Spanish panorama.

One year later, the band already began to share stage with international bands such as Thyrfring, Northland or TYR, so we decided to aim higher, and through the verkami web page, we started a crowldfunding campaign to finance what would be our first LP ALL SHALL BURN. After the recording, the band again underwent a change to the bass line, and Jorge ALmingol joined the band. Then we joined the roster of the label Art Gates Records.

Now it depends on the fans, how they will receive our All Shall Burn and for sure that our concerts will become Viking parties wherever we go!